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It’s not about what you know, but who you know.
Buying a business, whether for the first time or the tenth time, is an exciting and life changing experience

Expert knowledge and advice is paramount to ensuring this life-changing decision is a first rate one.

Our Business for Sale are typically off-market

Rede has a wide range of businesses for sale across New Zealand, with the majority of our transactions being completed without active advertisement.


We draw on our team’s connections with vendors across New Zealand hailing from a wide variety of industries. fostering your entrepreneurial spirting to help attract vendors that match your business aspirations. As a result, we position our clients in front of ideal business investment opportunities that may otherwise have been missed.


All of our business listings come with beautifully presented and detailed Information Memorandum. This document will help you to understand the in detail the background of the business, the region and the communities it serves, as well as the financial benefits, and the potential for growth. All our information is well-researched, location and industry-specific, so that when you decide to buy a business you are equipped with the right information.


Whether you are a first time investor, or experienced business owner looking for a hospitality business, or a manufacturing business or a accounting practice - you can be confident that we have the experience and the expertise to make your business purchase journey as smooth as possible.


If you are interested in being connected with off market vendors, get in touch with Rede via the form below. For more information about our service, view our FAQs below