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Know the value of a business is more than just 1s and 0s

Having a business appraisal and valuation that is reflective of the current market is hugely beneficial. Engaging a business valuer is considered the first step to successfully selling your business - far too many businesses on the market do not sell due to a poor assessment of their market valuation. The process of selling your business is not an inexpensive one, hence working with a business valuer who can generate an accurate market value to guide your decision making is paramount.

  • There are many other reasons to engage a business valuer outside of just business purchase or sale, including:

  • Future planning (i.e. succession planning)

  • Matrimonial settlements;

  • Management/shareholder buy out

  • Granting of share options to employees

  • Future growth - learning key contributing factors to your business valuation

Rede conducts many valuations across a range of industries for a range of purposes,  all of which are focused on generating an accurate market value of your business. Coming to this figure isn’t as simple as multiplying profits, there are many other off-balance/non-financial measures that can contribute or detract from a businesses valuation such as:

  • Likely market interest

  • Business competitive advantage

  • Business key staff involvement

  • Contracts

  • Your reason for selling

When Rede values your business you receive a full independent report which utilises your businesses recent and forecast financial information as well as leveraging publicly available data points for other assumptions that are required when valuing a private business. The result of this methodology is a valuation report with the minimum amount of subjectivity and a valuation that is defendable during all types of negotiations.

Business Valuation Cost

Rede valuation services are priced very reasonably particularly when compared to similar reports from large accountancy firms and we believe the output is a report that is at least as robust as any other reports in market for privately owned businesses. The Rede business valuation service is led by director and chartered accountant, William Cheong. William hails from a grounding within the Big 4 accounting environment

Cost: $5,500 + GST

5-10 business working days (dependent on provision of information) Includes:

  • Financial model built off financials

  • Assessment of current business & industry to understand sustainability of forward cashflows

  • Report stating assumptions used with an explanation of all inputs into the model to derive the final business valuation

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