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Rede Business Buying and selling experts in new zealand

Our size & relationships makes us stronger

We consistently work hard to provide the most valuable and attentive customer experience that we can, and we do this by staying informed, connected, and industry accredited. This means we take the time to understand our industry, our clients and the drivers behind each business transaction.

By doing this, we gain the respect and trust of our network and our clients, which enables us to educate and nurture business owners and young entrepreneurs through what can be an exciting but unknown process.

Our Team.

Willian Cheon Director Rede Business

Director & Founder William Cheong

Simon Short Sales and Marketing Rede Business

Sales & Marketing
Simon Short

James MacMillan Director Rede Business Broker New Zealand

Director & Sr. Broker
James MacMillan

Simon Andrews Senior Property Broker Rede Business Broker New Zealand

Senior Property Broker
Simon Andrews

Mark Morphy Senior Broker Rede Business Broker New Zealand

Senior Broker
Mark Morphy

richard - hawkes bay business for sale.jpg

Senior Broker
Richard Wilson


Testimonials - About us

“William/Rede were great to deal with. Their liaison between their client, the seller, and us as the buyer was very effective in keeping the process moving smoothly and overcoming emerging obstacles to a deal before they became problematic. All in all a good experience.”

Mark Irvine, Managing Director, Acrow Ltd

Our Story.

Rede Business is a collection of hard-working, down-to-earth and energetic experts from banking, accounting and sales backgrounds. We empower business owners and young entrepreneurs to have more choice and freedom to live their dream lives. By taking a holistic approach to our service, we see businesses as a whole and the personalities behind them – the hopes, fears, challenges, and goals. Drawing on our networks and our experience, we provide expert advice and guidance and take our time with each and every business to minimise fears and keep our clients informed.

Business owners can feel safe in the knowledge of our expertise, backed by William Cheong’s accreditation from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)

with a certificate of public practice. This alongside James, Mark and Simon’s many years of experience in banking and relationship management, both here and internationally.

We specialise in the buying, selling and financing of privately owned companies – mainly small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We have set out to be distinctive from other business brokerage firms by steering clear from the real-estate model, where transactions are rapid but individual and tailored advice is rare. Instead, we strive for excellence and always treat businesses and their owners with respect and care. We take vendors and buyers carefully through the process, nurturing them through what can be a scary transition, and draw upon our connections and knowledge to provide a valuable and expert service.

Rede Business Buying and selling experts in new zealand

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