We demonstrate respect, care, objectivity, and knowledge in everything we do.

Achieving the best outcome when selling a business requires three things: business skills, market knowledge, and networks. Rede offers all of these and more.

We understand that selling your business is an emotional and life-changing opportunity. One that you want to pay off all of your hard work. So who do you turn to when you find yourself asking how do I sell my business?

Using our skills as business advisors, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your business is sale-ready. We’ll take the time to understand the reason behind the sale, and we customise our approach to take your individual needs into account.

Drawing on our market knowledge, we’ll ensure your business is presented to the market in a professional and compelling way. By leveraging our networks, we will cast the net wide to identify all prospective buyers. Ensuring that the challenges of your industry are successfully matched to interested buyers. We also have a strong and innovative marketing strategy to help promote the sale of your business on these platforms.

When selling your business, we’ll use a corporate-level of quality and skill; while remaining approachable and relevant to your prospective buyers. Our proven approach to successfully selling any business is based on experience and skilled negotiation.

We strive to add maximum value to your business, all whilst minimising the hassle process.

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