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We promise to deliver an attentive and valuable service to enable hardworking business people and entrepreneurs to buy and sell privately owned enterprises, and ultimately empower them to live their dreams.


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Our Team.

  • William Cheong – Chartered Accountant

    Director & Founder
    William Cheong

  • Viv Brownrigg

    Viv Brownrigg

  • Simon Short

    Sales & Marketing
    Simon Short

  • James MacMillan

    Director & Sr. Broker
    James MacMillan

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Our Vision

We bring together business owners and prospective purchasers and encourage them to take action and in doing so live out their dreams.

We facilitate the hopes of hardworking business owners, entrepreneurs and those looking for opportunities towards owning their ideal business, moving to a new chapter of their lives, or moving into a relaxing retirement.

We will restore faith in the business brokerage industry by building trust, making introductions and at all times acting with respect and utmost regard for the interests of our client..


Our Values

Excellence – We provide you with excellent and specific information presented to the highest standard.

Personal – We build a strong relationship with you and take the time to understand why you are selling, buying, or financing a business. We tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Respect – We inform you of the process and carefully guide you through the transitional phases of your business.



"We have worked with Will over the past year and have found him to be professional, responsive and a good lateral thinker. Will focusses on the client and determines the best solution and has a wealth of business experience making Will our “go to guy” for business sales and valuations. We were also lucky enough to have Will do a presentation to some of our clients and the value delivered was huge."enablebusiness

"William at Rede has been working with us for about a year, assisting in our business ideas. He has an awesome understanding of finance and getting into the ‘numbers’ of how we operate. Since working through the options with him of what we had and what we wanted to do, he had some great advice which lead to some amazing opportunities, which now are unfolding. The future is looking great and we continue to pick his brain, now and again, for more golden ideas to grow from here."Andrew Grigg - General Manager, Auckland Building Specialists

"We had a tricky situation when two of our long-term clients (who were in business together) decided to part ways. Will’s independent valuation advice and guidance was invaluable, which helped both clients reach a mutual agreement that they were both happy with. At the end of the day everyone won and both our client relationships remain strong today."Matthew Jones, Director – Jones Accounting Services Limited